• The Power of a Teacher and How It Can Affect Your School

    Dr. Saenz talks about the genesis of The Power of a Teacher and how this book can change the way you and other educators transform lives within the classroom.

  • I’ve been teaching for twenty-six years, and this was probably most useful workshop I’ve been to…your presentation was the most ‘teacher friendly’ I’ve heard. Please continue your work. Education needs you!

    B.W., Master Teacher, Dallas Independent School District

    "...the best and most useful workshop..."

  • “Adam is indeed a rare breed of psychologist: a refreshing—even uncanny—ability to merge science with practice, and a teaching style that’s not only insightful, but actually fun. If you’re looking for a tool to build health and unity on your campus, you just found it.”

    Chris White, Ph.D., Director of Research, The Flippen Group & Co-author of New York Times Best Selling THE FLIP SIDE

    "...refreshing ability to merge science with practice..."

  • “Read The Power of a Teacher. It will reignite your passion, and remind you in no uncertain terms that changing the world one person at a time is not such a crazy idea after all.”

    -Bob Beaudine, Author of 'The Power of Who'

    "...It will reignite your passion..."

  • The message you are sharing is a powerful one that many people need to hear over and over again.

    J.D., Teacher, Bryan Independent School District


  • “This book will inspire you to make a difference and provide strategies to rejuvenate your own wellness. A must read for all educators!”

    Kirsten Hund, Former Teacher, Principal, and Current State-level Educational Leader

    "...a must read for all educators!..."

  • “The Power of a Teacher is an insightful and heartfelt reminder of why we all started our life’s mission in the first place. On those days when all of the “white noise” of the job steals your joy, sit down and spend a few minutes with this book. You’ll be back in the race in no time.”

    Carolyn Castleberry, TV Co-host & Author of 'It's About Time'

    "...an insightful and heartfelt reminder..."

  • Beginning with his own inspiring story, Adam has masterfully collected poignant narratives capturing the power of teachers to change lives in profound and lasting ways. The Power of a Teacher will warm hearts, but more importantly, it will illuminate and inform practice.

    Trae Kendrick, Ed.D. Former Teacher, Principal, and Current State-level Educational Leader

    "...his own inspiring story..."

  • This was an eye-opener! I vow to work on changing myself. Thanks!

    J.C.M., Teacher, Northeast Independent School District

    "...an eye-opener..."


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